Steven Donziger: Minn. Police Paid $8.6M By BIG OIL To Brutalize Line 3 Pipeline Protestors

Human rights attorney, Steven Donziger, weighs in on new reporting from the Minneapolis Star Tribune which finds that policing of last year’s Line 3 pipeline protests was, in part, paid for by the same company that stood to profit off the pipeline. #Minneapolis #Oklahoma #Line3Pipeline

According to a statement by Chevron, “”the Ecuador judgment against Chevron repeatedly has been found to be fraudulent. Steven Donziger is an adjudicated racketeer and fraudster who was disbarred for his illegal and unethical acts in the Ecuador case and held in civil and criminal contempt for flouting lawful court orders. Tellingly, Donziger was fired years ago by his indigenous Ecuadorian clients for refusing to explain how he spent tens of millions of dollars raised in their name.”

We reached out to Enbridge Energy for comment, we are waiting for a response.

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